What are the benefits of regular stretching?

At PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne we regularly include stretching or movement exercises as part of a comprehensive injury rehabilitation plan. Completing a regular stretching routine as part of your normal training program can help increase our flexibility, improve our posture and reduce stress and body aches.

5 benefits of regularly stretching and mobilising:

1. Improve our flexibility

Regular stretching of our major muscle groups can help increase our flexibility allowing us to complete everyday tasks more easily and push ourselves harder in our exercise or training programs. Better flexibility can also help decrease the risk of injury and delay the onset of reduced mobility as the body ages.

2. Increase our range of motion

A consistent mobility routine can help us to move our joints through their full range of motion allowing us better movement in exercise, sport and activities of daily living.

3. Post exercise recovery

Long stretches should be part of our post exercise routine. Stretching the muscle groups we have just worked out in the gym or on the road will help recovery for the next session and help reduce post session stiffness.

4. Improve our posture

When combined with an exercise program to strengthen our muscles, stretching can enhance our muscle balance and lead to an improvement in overall posture. This is especially true for office workers and sedentary individuals.

5. Great for stress relief

Stretching on a daily basis is a fantastic way to release the tension that builds up in our muscles which can tighten as a result of physical or emotional stress. For those that work with a computer, particular areas can include neck shoulders and upper back.

PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne recommendation

Stretching has many benefits and it is highly recommendable to include a regular stretching routine into our day. To avoid injury, take it slow and allow your body time to adjust. If you notice any pain or reduced range of motion contact one of our physios at PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne and get it checked out.


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