5 considerations when choosing the correct running shoe

Here at PMC Physiotherapy, we regularly get asked for advice from patients wondering what runner to buy.

Here are a 5 tips to help you buy the correct running shoe for you:

1. What type of running activity will you be doing?

Will you be going for a walk around the block? Will you be on rough ground or pavement? Are you running 5km or 50km? Are you looking for a runner for your long slow runs or something for your speed sessions on the track?

For those who will be walking mainly, there are some very good, light and supportive walking shoes available. If you are buying a shoe for speed sessions you will wany something light and responsive. If you are buying running shoes for the long slow runs, then a more comfortable shoe may be needed.

2. What is your current fitness level?

If you are just getting back into running or walking after a prolonged break or starting it for the first time, we would generally recommend a more cushioned shoe with greater support at the heel, a firm heel tab and extra cushioning around the medial arch and forefoot.

If however, you are an experienced athlete, then you may be fit and strong enough to take a shoe with a firmer, more responsive mid and forefoot such as a carbon plated sole.

3. What do you run or walk in at the moment?

Generally, we tell patients that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. If you have a runner that you know suits you and you are comfortable in, then just get a new pair of the exact same runner. This gives the added bonus of maybe being able to buy them online as you know the exact size that fits you.

4. Correct fit is all important.

We recommend that if you are buying running shoes for the first time or are thinking of changing the type of running shoe you wear, then go to a shop and try the runner on for yourself. It doesn’t matter what the shoe is made from, how light it is, what colour it is. If the shoe does not fit correctly, it will cause issues.

5. Have you any specific injury or gait issues?

If you have a specific injury or you have been told you have a specific gait pattern issue, then you made need a specific type of runner to support your needs. In this instance, a decision on the type of running shoe suitable for you should be made with your Physiotherapist after a detailed gait analysis.

PMC Physiotherapy Reccomendation

We all have an individual walking and running style. At PMC Physio we offer gait analysis service using cutting edge footscan technology to measure your foot in motion. This helps us in choosing the correct footwear, tells us whether insoles are required or if there is a need for flexibility, strength and conditioning training.

Check out our video above and book a session with one of our specialist physiotherapists.


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