5 Reasons to get a professional bike fitting.

A bike fit can help you to enjoy life on and off the bike. Less pain or discomfort means more time enjoying riding, with a lower chance of injuries and improved performance. By knowing exactly which size of bike and position suits you best, you will feel more trust in your capacities for bike handling, pedalling, turning, braking and acceleration when you need it.

1. Injury.

If you are recovering from an injury, be it post-crash, from the gym or an overuse injury from poor bike mechanics, getting a bike fit can help in your recovery. Find the optimal position for you in your stage of recovery to allow you get back on the bike sooner.

2. Injury Prevention.

One of the most common causes of injury in cyclist is overuse of particular structures related poor positioning on the bike or the inability to achieve a desired position on the bike eg. TT position. An assessment with ourselves, including a bike fit will then allow you reach your optimal position in a more comfortable fashion.

3. Performance.

If you are training towards a competitive event and want to improve your performance, completing a bike fit is great way to find your optimum cycling position. Your bike fit be geared towards a goal. If outright speed is important to you, your position can be adjusted to be accordingly aggressive. If you’re riding an all-day event, comfort and sustainability may be higher priorities.

4. New Bike.

If you are an experienced cyclist and have just invested in a new bike, then getting that bike fitted correctly for you can be an important part of improved performance and achieving new goals.

5. New to cycling.

If you are new to cycling, comfort is often of primary importance. Feeling comfortable on the bike will allow you to enjoy the roads, hills and greenways even more. Common issues for new riders include neck pain, LBP, numbness in the hands and feet and saddle sores. Help prevent these and more by having your bike fit besopke to you.

PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne recommendation

If you are experiencing any niggles, joint pain or saddle discomfort as a result of cycling, or if you are trying to prevent future issues, contact one of our specialist physios at PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne to book a bike fitting appointment.


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