Strength Training – Tips and benefits.

At PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne, our clinic is fully equipped with a private gym with both free weights and machine weights. This is Ideal for rehab and one-to-one strength and conditioning sessions with our physiotherapists.

Resistance Training comes in many forms – lifting weights in the gym, Calisthenics (lifting bodyweight against gravity) TRX, HIIT, sled running, rehabilitation exercises from your Physiotherapist. However, no matter what type of resistance training you participate in.

The benefits are many and include:

– Increase Muscular Strength
– Improve Power
– Faster running speed
– Improve and safer change of direction running
– Enhance motor control and coordination
– Increase muscle mass
– Reduce Body Fat
– Improve Insulin Sensitivity
– Enhance Cardiac Function
– Increase Bone Mineral Density
– Reduce Injury Risk

To get the most of your strength training sessions, here are a few tips:

1. Plan and Supervise.

You will get far more out of your gym sessions if they are planned and supervised by a qualified professional. Your gym programme should be consistent with your needs, goals and capabilities.

2. Progress.

If you are able to lift a weight or complete an exercise comfortably, then progress to a slightly heavier weight or more difficult exercise. This will ensure your body is progressively overloaded, allowing it to adapt and get stronger.

3. Know your Pain.

No Pain, No Gain. Right? Wrong? The answer is it depends. Muscles will be sore after you work them hard. This is normal and natural. This needs to be distinguished from pain that can be harmful, such as joint pain or inflammatory pain.

4. Be Consistent.

As with any exercise, if you want results and want to avoid injury, start easy, build slowly and keep going the same number of times every week. 3-4 sessions per week of a properly structured strength programme should be about right.

5. Technique, Technique, Technique.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, make sure you are using correct technique when training. Cheats in technique will often lead to injury and usually lead to a glass ceiling of lack of progression.

PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne recommendation

Resistance Training has many benefits and it is highly recommendable to include as part of a regular exercise program. To avoid injury, follow our tips above and build up slowly to allow your body time to adjust. If you notice any pain or niggles contact one of our physios at PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne and get it checked out.


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