Let’s talk about Injury Reduction, not Prevention

Injury prevention is a hot topic for Physiotherapists, athletes, coaches and indeed, the general public. Why wait for an injury to happen if you know there might be ways to prevent it from happening in the first place. This is the Holy Grail. In reality, we know that not all injuries are preventable. So instead of talking about injury prevention, we should be talking about injury reduction.

Reduce the amount of injuries that happen and reduce the burden of each injury (the burden of an injury can be described as the amount of time missed from sport, education, work or leisure activities due to an injury) and reduce the cost associated with each injury.

Here at PMC Physiotherapy, we take injury reduction very seriously. Here are several ways that we aim to reduce the incidence and impact of injuries.

1. Rehab of existing injury.

The bulk of people who come to us at PMC Physiotherapy already have an injury of some sort. Our primary goal at this stage is to make sure that the injury is fully and adequately rehabbed prior to return to sport, work or activity. One of the main causes of injury recurrence is if a rehab process was rushed or not completed to its fullest. By taking objective data in our clinic, we can make sure that your body is ready to return to sport and activity without breaking down again.

2. Education

This is key. Our Physiotherapists at PMC Physio will take time to make sure you know the nature of the injury, the cause of the injury and have a clear pathway and programme for recovery. We will take the time to educate athletes and coaches about the potential pitfalls of a particular training programme and can advise on edits that might help keep you active without breaking down.  

3. Load Management

This is very much linked to point 2 above. Simply put, Load Management refers to the process of how we build the intensity and volume of a training period. If we do this correctly we can have athletes training consistently at a high level without causing injury. We use specific formulas and algorithms that are internationally recognised to allow us to do this in as scientifically accurate a way as possible. Apart from athletes, we can apply the same principles when progressing patients activity levels post op or after injury.

4. Collaboration with Coaches

We are always happy and keen to talk to coaches. These people are the gateway to athletes. If we can get coaches implementing sound training and injury reduction strategies then this is where we can have the greatest impact. There are lots of resources out there that are proven to help reduce injury incidence. These include the GAA 15 injury prevention warm up, The FIFA 11+ and the Swedish Handball shoulder injury prevention warm up. We use these with our patients and encourage coaches to implement similar warm up routines at training.

5. Yoga and Pilates

We provide Yoga and Pilates classes to the general public at PMC Physiotherapy on a weekly basis. Both of these are shown to improve strength and flexibility. Key components of any injury reduction strategy.

PMC Physio Dunboyne recommendation 

If you are experiencing any niggling pain or injury symptoms, contact one of our specialist physios at PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne and get it checked out. Our dedicated team is committed to the reduction and prevention of injuries, providing comprehensive rehabilitation for existing conditions and fostering collaboration with coaches.


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