Pathway to Facial Recovery

Specialist facial therapy tailored to enhance and recover facial muscle function.

Restore Facial Function

Refine and improve facial muscle function through a focused, patient-centred specialist therapy.

What to expect at your Facial Palsy first appointment

Why is specialist facial therapy needed to treat Facial Palsy?

Targeted techniques to restore facial muscle function.

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Baseline evaluation and initial management strategies following the onset of facial palsy.

Facial Palsy First Appointment

What to expect at your Facial Palsy first appointment.

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Guidance for practical solutions to the functional challenges of facial palsy.

What is Facial Palsy?

Facial Palsy causes weakness or paralysis of facial muscles, impacting expressions and movements.

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Neuromuscular retraining techniques, patient education, and social support

Acute Facial Palsy Management

Treatment to reduce symptoms, protects structures, and prevents complications.

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The service is led by Caitriona Conneely

Caitriona graduated from UCD in 2004 with an Honour’s Degree in Physiotherapy and is an experienced Facial Therapy Specialist. She completed The Advanced Management Facial Palsy Course in 2015 run by the Facial Therapy Specialists UK founder Trina Neville and Sally Glover.

Caitriona was involved in the induction of the first dedicated Paediatric Facial Palsy Clinic in the National Paediatric Craniofacial Centre in Temple Street in 2015. She is trained in completing comprehensive assessments of the facial muscles and is committed to supporting you through your recovery journey with empathy and expertise.

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How to recognise Facial Palsy

Facial Palsy is a general medical term that refers to weakness of facial expression, usually on one side of the face, as a result of damage to the facial nerve, caused by either swelling or pressure on the nerve.

Expert Care, Compassionate Approach

We use a range of diagnostic tools to accurately assess the extent of nerve injury and muscle dysfunction, ensuring that each patient receives a precise diagnosis in a supportive environment where patients feel safe and understood.

Fully Chartered Professionals

All of our Dunboyne team are Chartered Physiotherapists and we are fully insured and accredited with all private health insurers.

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