What to expect from a visit to PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne?

The first thing to expect from your visit to PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne is a welcome. We know you are here for a reason; you have pain or an injury and you want it fixed. We are glad that you chose us to lead the Physiotherapy management of your condition to its pain free, healthy end.

A listening ear

In our Dunboyne clinic, we provide an attentive ear as you describe your injury and history in detail, in a quiet, private setting. Once a full and thorough history is taken, we start the physical examination. Your Physiotherapist will assess the area involved, sometimes taking objective measures of joint angles, muscle strength and stiffness using state of the art equipment and evidence-based methodology.


Once a diagnosis has been explained by your Physiotherapist, the next step is the plan, explain and execute a targeted effective treatment plan. This may include some soft tissue work (massage), stretches, strengthening exercises, proprioceptive exercise, joint manipulation and mobilisation, Trigger point release, ergonomic workplace assessment, acupuncture or dry needling, a home exercise plan and advice on passive treatments such as ice or heat etc.

Sometimes part of the plan involves onward referral to a consultant specialist, GP, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Psychologist or coach. Your Physiotherapist can do all this if and when needed. You Physio can also organise referral for scans and imagery if needed.

Ongoing Care

Our care for you at PMC Physiotherapy Dunboyne doesn’t stop there. Your treatment plan will be followed through under the watchful eye of your Physiotherapist. Management will be progressed as needed and tolerated until you are back to your fit and healthy best.


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